What if?

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What if you were told, you only have 1 hour left to live? Not a day. Not a week. Not a year. An hour. Here’s the catch, you can’t tell anyone you only have an hour left to live, you just have to keep going, and pretend you’re not going to die. I bet most of you would say spend it with your loved ones, or do something you enjoy. Wanna know what I would do? Watch as much Friends on Netflix as I could before I died. Why you may ask? Ask yourself this…why not? What in the world could you possibly accomplish in an hour? I guess 3 episodes of Friends, and all the junk food I could eat is my answer :p

Haha. Bet you guys thought I was serious! I was joking! If I really only had an hour, I’d spend it enjoying the little things, like the warmth of the sun on my cheeks, or the way my hair sticks to my forehead in the rain, or maybe the way the people I love laughed, or the sound of his voice. I would spend every 60 minutes enjoying the way the world turns on its axis, the way the wind blows the tall grass, making it dance. The way the trees smell. The enjoyment of watching the fluffy clouds roll across the skies. If I could do all of that in an hour, I would die happy 🙂

-Jay c:

P.S. Guys! Spam the hell out of this and get Glittr to get her lazy ass to write some blogs! I can’t maintain this myself! Sorry I don’t post as much as I want to, I try to do what I can! I’m thinking of maybe starting up a solo blog! Guys let me know if you’d be interested in “The Misadventures of Jay” or something cute like that. Now that won’t stop me from writing on here! I’ll still post on this blog maybe twice a month like I do now, but I wanna like, try something new 🙂 let me know what you guys think. I’m interested!



My words

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I tell him I like his car, he’ll sell it though. I ask him to stay, he decides to leave. I tell him I want black he gets white,

He asks me not to drink I stop, he wants to sleep at 10 I tell my friends I can’t go out, he doesn’t like my tattoos, he doesn’t like my gauges, he doesn’t like my music.

I have changed everything about me to make this guy happy while he ignores my opinion and pushes my feelings aside constantly. I’m not even the type of girl to get mad easily yet I find myself wanting to punch him half the time and the other half I spend trying to make him smile. But I think I just might have reached my end.

Ladies and gentlemen  STOP trying to change everything about someone, if you REALLY like them you would accept the things about them that your tiny closed mind sees as flaws and love them anyway. Instead of trying to build your perfect soul mate just go fucking find them.

DON’T tell me I can’t cut my hair

DON’T tell me I can’t get more tattoos or piercings

DON’T tell me I can’t wear something

DON’T tell me not to put on makeup

I don’t spend my time bitching about your boring, closed, judgmental mind so STOP trying to change mine. I will not have someone constantly sucking the fun and creativity out of MY life because it makes them happy and neither should anyone else. LOVE ME, NOT WHO YOU WANT ME TO BE. -A

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Jay’s Favs: Tatted Up c:

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So. I decided to copy Glittrs post and post the top 5 tattoos I wish to get sometime in my short lifetime c:

5. A Cheshire Cat tattoo.
-The Cheshire Cat has a significant place in my heart from my childhood. I always go by the quote “Every Adventure Requires a First Step” from the classic 1951 cartoon c: I was thinking somewhere on my back.

4. A Dove.
-ClichĂ©, I know, but a small simple dove on my ankle is something I’ve always wanted c:

3. Mother Daughter Tattoo.
-Me and my mother are still throwing out ideas, but my moms addicted to tattoos, so it wasn’t hard to convince her. We are thinking our foot.

2. A cherry blossom (or a cherry blossom tree).
-I’m from Hawaii, and my favorite tree was a cherry blossom tree by my house. It brings back some great memories c: I want this on my back.

1. Infinity Sign.
-I’ve always loved these, they symbol a lot and can mean a lot c: I want this one on my wrist.

-Jay c:

P.S. I don’t have any tattoos…..yet

Tattoos I Hope to One Day Get

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I currently have one tattoo right now, but I hope to get more. Above is a close up of my first tattoo. Its a cross with a purple rose on it. It’s really important to me, because it represents my religion and also reps my favorite color (purple). I like to get things that have some sort of significance to me. Anyways here are the tattoos I want to add to my list of tattoos.



A simple Sagittarius tattoo. I’m not sure what all I believe about horescopes, but I do know that my star sign describes me very accurately and says a lot about me. Im very adventurous and striving for knowledge, I don’t hold grudges and my ambition is to travel and experience new things.

A cupcake tattoo on my foot. The cupcake is pretty unimportant, it’s just something me and my female cousins decided we would get sometime next year. The reason i want it on my foot is because it’s really pretty and feminine and easy to hide when I want.


A Simba tattoo. Inspired by my obssesion with this movie ever since I was little. I seriously know this movie line for line.

Idk what I actually want for this one, but I would love to get a group tattoo with my best female friends, who happened to be the 3 bloggers im writing this with, HelloA, Jay and A. Why not my guy besties too? I don’t think they’d be down to do this.

A mother-daughter tattoo. I really wanna get a tat with my mom, I just gotta convince my mom to do it.

A Faith tattoo. It just really links back to my faith as well as a reminder to always have faith that everything will be ok.


Whelp, thats my list. I hope you liked it and maybe even draw inspiration for your own tattoos.