Jays Favs!

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I haven’t done one of these in a while so here we go! My top 10 artists I like to listen tp high!

10. Skrillex

Favs: First of the Year, Silly Monsters and Nice Sprites

9.Mac Miller

Favs: Best Day Ever, Senior Skip Day, Loud


Favs : Clarity, Stay The Night, Spectrum


Favs: Wake  Me Up, Hey Brother


Favs: Ignorance,  Still Into You,  Misery Business

5.Miley Cyrus

Favs: We Can’t Stop, Adore You, Wrecking ball


All Me, Worst Behavior, Started From The Bottom

3.Katy Perry

Favs: Dark Horse, Teenage Dream, Wide Awake

2.Wiz Khalifa

Favs: Young.Wild.Free, Black and Yellow, In The Cut

1.Kid Cudi

Favs: Pursuit Of Happiness, Day N’ Nite, Marijuana, Just What I Am

-Jay c:

P.S. What’s your favorite songs to listen to stoned? Mine is obviously Pursuit of Happiness!


Fun Times -Glittr

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So, if you were wonderin what we’ve been up to lately, this pic pretty much covers it 😉



My Ashtray List: 5 Celebs I Want Toke Up With -Glittr

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Hey guys so these are my five people, living or dead, that i would smoke weed with. I got the idea from, which, by the way, is a great website for stoners to check out. It has some amazing articles.

Miley Cyrus

Because duh, it’s Miley. Miley seems like she’d be so fun to toke up with. Good girl gone bad gives no fucks about what people say and she’s very out there about her habit.

Seth Rogan

He’s funny as hell and known for such masterpieces as Pineapple Express. I feel like this would be an entertain ing smoke sesh.


Shoutout to this sexy stoner and yet another good girl gone bad. Ri-Ri is very verbal about her mary jane use as well.

Jennifer Lawerence

Yes, she smokes too! J Lawrence is the girl who could be every chicks bestie toking with her would be a dream.

Wiz Khalifa

C’mon, if you read our blog you had to know he’d be on my list.

So who would you blaze with if you could? Let us know



Not another Pothead Survey! -Glittr

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What age did you start smoking? 15

How long have you been smoking marijuana? 5 years

Finish this sentence..Marijuana has helped me: relax

l What is your favorite smoking device? mmmm either a good bong a blunt

If you could smoke with anyone who would it be? Wiz Khalifa or miley

What is your favorite music to listen to stoned? wiz khalifa, kendrick lamar, kid kudi, mac miller…

Joint or Blunt? blunt, joints can be fun though

 What is your favorite strain? tie between sour disel, cherry cough, girl scout and pineapple express lol

Will you ever quit smoking? cigarettes, yes, weed, naah (though when i have kids im not gonna b smoking quite so much or at all when preggers :/)

Are you a medical marijuana patient? i wish

 Do you grow maryjane? attempted lol

 Indica or Sativa? indica, but really the situation is the determining factor

 mm Glass, Metal or Acrylic? Glass

Whats your favorite headshop? zebrahead is the one closest to me but gas pipe is really good

 Who is your best stoner friend? all of them, i have a decent number

Does your parents know you smoke? they dont realize i actively do 

Favorite thing to do when stoned? video games

 Do you smoke everyday? not everyday, but a lot

 Is dank weed all you smoke on?lately thats all ive been smoking

Favorite place to smoke? friends houses

Bong hits or Vape it?bong!

Whats your best 420 moment? i want cake! lol

Do you belive the sweet leaf will be legal? by 2016 i think it will be in at least 20 states

How many times do you smoke a day?once or twice

How often do you clean you bong? her foster mom cleans her 🙂

Have you ever been arrested/trouble for weed? not arrested

When you hear the word GANJA what do you think? fire it up

Does your state support medical marijuana?no texas :/

Half baked or Grandmas boy?  both! ummm half baked

 Whats your favorite Cheech and Chong movie? up in smoke

 Cheech or Chong? i love tommy chong!!

All time favorite stoner flick? pineapple express is good

Do you use a grinder? a broken one :/

 Is there an alarm on your phone that goes off at 4:20pm? nope, but i generally notice

 311 or Sublime? Sublimeis the only one i recognize

If marijuana became legal tomorrow what would you do first? get insanely blazed…in public…hang around the pd just to laugh at em

Stoner Problems -Glittr

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So initially I was gonna do stoner girl probs, but figured id make it more broad since a lot of these issues are gender neutral. So without further ado…


O jesus the struggle, me and one of my best friends smoke a lot by the lake, one time we were trying a good 10 mins to get the lighter going without it going out.


Generally speaking I have zero appetite unless ive been smoking.


Or just generally having to remember to take off lipgloss when smoking can be a struggle.


Everyone knows bong water reeks, it sucks when it gets on your clothes or spills.


Lol we kinda give only a few fucks about hiding whay were doing, so long as no cops are in the vicinity.


Im addicted to nicotine more than I care to admit. Weed makes cigarettes better though I dont really need them when im smoking


This can suck a lot, I hate when people fuck up rotation, though ive messed it up a few times so I cant talk too much.


One of the suckiest things is when you want to smoke but the dd doesnt pick up.


Ew just ew hate the paranoia

Super annoying if you think weed os bad you obviously haven’t done your research

Or simply having no pockets, the struggle

I know there are plenty of other typical stoner problems so share yours with us!

Bonus list
-Getting your lighter stolen!
-Forgetting what you were doing two seconds ago
-Being too high to be productive

Cross Joint Tutorial By Seth Rogan -Glittr

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This tutorial is from the bonus features on pineapple Express just fyi



Stoner Survey!!! -Glittr

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1. What was the first piece you ever smoked?

My first time smoking was a joint i believe, but the first piece i smoked out of was a really pretty glass bong.

2. Did you get high the first time you smoked?

Hell yes

3. Top five reasons you love weed?

relaxes/relieves stress, no hangovers, fun activity with friends, enhances everything, helps me sleep in some occasions and turn up in other occasions

4. Top 3 fav strains

Pineapple express, sour diesel, granddaddy

5. Ever made something to smoke out of?

Water bong

6. bong or blunt?

really hard question, blunt but i like to mix it up and it usually depends on my mood

7. What are your pieces and names?

Pretty gay names. me personally i have a mini bong named penelope and i used to have a pipe named bo-bo

8. What gets you most stoned?

A high (no pun intended) quality bong

9. Where do you get your bud from?

Um…a weed dealer(was that a trick question?)

10. Indica or sativa?


11. Describe your fav high.

Chill yet social

12. Fav stoner accesory?

IDK about fav, but a grinder is handy

13. Can you roll?

Sure, but not very well. Im more of the loyal sidekick that breaks down the weed and gets everything ready for it to be rolled

14. Fav movie to watch stoned?

Harold and kumar or any other hilarious stoner movie is great

15. Fav munchies?

Anything sweet hits the spot, like those sopapillas from taco cabana, pizza is also pretty awesome. i get seriously munched out when i’m high.

16 Smoke with a group or alone?

Small group

17. Ever shotgunned neone?


18. Ever been caught smoking by someone who cared?

Not in the act, but posts n texts my mom found out. i know some ppl were pretty surprised when they found out i smoke

19. Most beautiful place smoked?

I guess this bridge by my university 🙂

20. Most unusual thing ever smoked out of?

Um…a water bottle i guess