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So, if you were wonderin what we’ve been up to lately, this pic pretty much covers it 😉




My Ashtray List: 5 Celebs I Want Toke Up With -Glittr

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Hey guys so these are my five people, living or dead, that i would smoke weed with. I got the idea from hightimes.com, which, by the way, is a great website for stoners to check out. It has some amazing articles.

Miley Cyrus

Because duh, it’s Miley. Miley seems like she’d be so fun to toke up with. Good girl gone bad gives no fucks about what people say and she’s very out there about her habit.

Seth Rogan

He’s funny as hell and known for such masterpieces as Pineapple Express. I feel like this would be an entertain ing smoke sesh.


Shoutout to this sexy stoner and yet another good girl gone bad. Ri-Ri is very verbal about her mary jane use as well.

Jennifer Lawerence

Yes, she smokes too! J Lawrence is the girl who could be every chicks bestie toking with her would be a dream.

Wiz Khalifa

C’mon, if you read our blog you had to know he’d be on my list.

So who would you blaze with if you could? Let us know



Just Fucking Legalize it Already! -Glittr

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If We allow cigarettes and alcohol to be legal why not marijuana? Alcohol impairs your body worse than marijuana does. I have far better judgement and hand eye coordination when I smoke weed than when I drink alcohol. I don’t understand why we can’t have the same restrictions for pot as we do alcohol. People think weed is so bad but that’s only due to the stigma our society has placed on it.
Also, weed is apparently way healthier for you than cigarettes. Not only is it uses medically around the world to help people with arthritis, adhd and other problems, but I would also like to point out that there have been no deaths EVER caused by marijuana.
Weed is already legal in Colorado and Washington and allowed for medical purposes elsewhere in the US. It’s also legal many places worldwide.
And let’s face it: whether weed is legalized or not, people will still light up. At least if it’s made legal the government will be able to tax it, allowing us to get out of our nationwide deficit. And who knows: maybe legalizing it will make some people not want it as badly. After all, people want what they can’t have. Once it’s legal some of it’s shine will diminish.
I love smoking weed. It really relaxes me and helps me not give a fuck about bullshit going on in my life.
Until next time guys,

Busteddd -Glittr

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Ok so yesterday I got busted for smoking weed hence my inspiration for this post. I don’t smoke super often maybe once a week here recently (though im stopping for a few months now at least until I go back to college). I got caught because while my phone was on the charger I got a text about buying weed and my mom read it. She took it way better than expected, but needless to say im grounded. I actually saw her watching a TV show documentary about people addicted to drugs this morning. Talk about over reacting.
Honestly I don’t see the harm in weed. The only reason I ever felt bad about it was hiding it from my mom and lying about it. Compared to other legal alternatives I think it’s pretty safe for any consenting adult. Most researchers actually find it safer than cigarettes, it’s less addictive and no one has ever died from smoking weed alone (do the research for yourself, i’m not Google). Plus I’ve never got a hangover from smoking. Drinking on the other hand…