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Dear 2014

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Dear 2014,

We’ve had our differences, our ups and downs, our trials and tribulations, but there have been a few things I want to say before I really let you go. First of all, you were the hardest year of my life, but a necessary evil. Accepting my mental health issues, and waking up to the monster inside slowly brought light to my darkened soul. It was a tough road, and looking back on my journey through Anxiety and Depression I see how much of myself I’ve conquered, and how much better my life has been since my diagnosis day. Day by day I slowly climb my Mt Everest. I know it could possibly be a life long battle, but as long as I’m not as dark as I used to be, I’m okay with that. You never truly know how fucked up you are, until you try to take your own life. Thankfully, I’m still here to reminisce on you, and I am eternally grateful that I lived. Now enough about the bad parts of 2014 and let’s reminisce on the good times. I discovered my favorite author, John Green. I found myself through the darkness. My best friend had a baby :). Another ones engaged. I moved to California. Even though there’s plenty more things to love about you 2014, I still have to let you go. So, without further or do, I say goodbye to my best and worst times of 2014, and say hello to all 2015 has to offer.

Jay c:



2014 Thank You’s

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Hello Guys! The AnonymoUS Team wants to thank each and everyone of you for the support we’ve gained, the friends we’ve made, and the satisfaction of having people read our posts and felling inspired to get out there and live your life. We want to thank the people who has shared their stories and lives with us, who opened the doorways of future success. This July will mark the 1 year anniversary of Confessions of the AnonymoUS. We never thought we would make it this  far, let alone gain over 100 followers in less than 2 months. we share our lives with you, our hopes and dreams, and our downfalls whenever we get the chance, and we thank you for seeing us not as  screen, or a blog post, but an individual. We were just 4 best friends who wanted to get our stories out, to let the world hear us, and we happened to gain so much more than that, we gained knowledge, love, and support. If we are thankful for anything this year, Its for you guys. We will continue on sharing our stories, making you laugh, making you cry, making you challenge yourself, and helping you open your eyes to a new perspective.

-The AnonymoUS Team. (Jay, Glittr, A, and HelloA)


Remember, we do have an email ( email us, share your stories with us, we really want to get more into answering questions and giving some useful advice to people. Send us questions, opinions, anything…..We will always answer you.



New Year, New Changes!

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Okay so like I said, I will be telling you all about my life and whats currently going on.

——– Goals This Year ———–

-I decided that I will start over in my life, I feel its something I need to do in order to get my confusing ass life together. I want to start over in college and get a better job, and just start taking better care of myself. 

-I want to open up a Marijuana dispensary. Maybe in Colorado (Not really a set thing, just something I want to do)?

-I decided that maybe I’ll change my major? I really enjoy Marine Biology or Astronomy.

-I feel really good about this year c: Like this is the year I will get every little fucking detail of my life filled in!

-I don’t want to change who I am, and that’s a huge thing for me, I want to remain humble and lively, I don’t want to lose sight of who I am this year.

-I don’t want to remain the same, I want to grow and become a better version of myself. (I know contradicting right?!)

-I don’t want to fall backwards away from any progress I’ve made.  

-I don’t want to fear life anymore.

-Jay c:

P.S. Whats some of your New Year wants and fears? Happy 2014 guys! lets make this year an amazing one for us!