january 1st

Dear 2014

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Dear 2014,

We’ve had our differences, our ups and downs, our trials and tribulations, but there have been a few things I want to say before I really let you go. First of all, you were the hardest year of my life, but a necessary evil. Accepting my mental health issues, and waking up to the monster inside slowly brought light to my darkened soul. It was a tough road, and looking back on my journey through Anxiety and Depression I see how much of myself I’ve conquered, and how much better my life has been since my diagnosis day. Day by day I slowly climb my Mt Everest. I know it could possibly be a life long battle, but as long as I’m not as dark as I used to be, I’m okay with that. You never truly know how fucked up you are, until you try to take your own life. Thankfully, I’m still here to reminisce on you, and I am eternally grateful that I lived. Now enough about the bad parts of 2014 and let’s reminisce on the good times. I discovered my favorite author, John Green. I found myself through the darkness. My best friend had a baby :). Another ones engaged. I moved to California. Even though there’s plenty more things to love about you 2014, I still have to let you go. So, without further or do, I say goodbye to my best and worst times of 2014, and say hello to all 2015 has to offer.

Jay c: