What if?

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What if you were told, you only have 1 hour left to live? Not a day. Not a week. Not a year. An hour. Here’s the catch, you can’t tell anyone you only have an hour left to live, you just have to keep going, and pretend you’re not going to die. I bet most of you would say spend it with your loved ones, or do something you enjoy. Wanna know what I would do? Watch as much Friends on Netflix as I could before I died. Why you may ask? Ask yourself this…why not? What in the world could you possibly accomplish in an hour? I guess 3 episodes of Friends, and all the junk food I could eat is my answer :p

Haha. Bet you guys thought I was serious! I was joking! If I really only had an hour, I’d spend it enjoying the little things, like the warmth of the sun on my cheeks, or the way my hair sticks to my forehead in the rain, or maybe the way the people I love laughed, or the sound of his voice. I would spend every 60 minutes enjoying the way the world turns on its axis, the way the wind blows the tall grass, making it dance. The way the trees smell. The enjoyment of watching the fluffy clouds roll across the skies. If I could do all of that in an hour, I would die happy 🙂

-Jay c:

P.S. Guys! Spam the hell out of this and get Glittr to get her lazy ass to write some blogs! I can’t maintain this myself! Sorry I don’t post as much as I want to, I try to do what I can! I’m thinking of maybe starting up a solo blog! Guys let me know if you’d be interested in “The Misadventures of Jay” or something cute like that. Now that won’t stop me from writing on here! I’ll still post on this blog maybe twice a month like I do now, but I wanna like, try something new 🙂 let me know what you guys think. I’m interested!



Stoner Survey!!! -Glittr

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1. What was the first piece you ever smoked?

My first time smoking was a joint i believe, but the first piece i smoked out of was a really pretty glass bong.

2. Did you get high the first time you smoked?

Hell yes

3. Top five reasons you love weed?

relaxes/relieves stress, no hangovers, fun activity with friends, enhances everything, helps me sleep in some occasions and turn up in other occasions

4. Top 3 fav strains

Pineapple express, sour diesel, granddaddy

5. Ever made something to smoke out of?

Water bong

6. bong or blunt?

really hard question, blunt but i like to mix it up and it usually depends on my mood

7. What are your pieces and names?

Pretty gay names. me personally i have a mini bong named penelope and i used to have a pipe named bo-bo

8. What gets you most stoned?

A high (no pun intended) quality bong

9. Where do you get your bud from?

Um…a weed dealer(was that a trick question?)

10. Indica or sativa?


11. Describe your fav high.

Chill yet social

12. Fav stoner accesory?

IDK about fav, but a grinder is handy

13. Can you roll?

Sure, but not very well. Im more of the loyal sidekick that breaks down the weed and gets everything ready for it to be rolled

14. Fav movie to watch stoned?

Harold and kumar or any other hilarious stoner movie is great

15. Fav munchies?

Anything sweet hits the spot, like those sopapillas from taco cabana, pizza is also pretty awesome. i get seriously munched out when i’m high.

16 Smoke with a group or alone?

Small group

17. Ever shotgunned neone?


18. Ever been caught smoking by someone who cared?

Not in the act, but posts n texts my mom found out. i know some ppl were pretty surprised when they found out i smoke

19. Most beautiful place smoked?

I guess this bridge by my university 🙂

20. Most unusual thing ever smoked out of?

Um…a water bottle i guess