My High Diaries

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Hey guys! So I was going through an old journal, and found the most interesting addition to it. I decided to share this with you word for glorious word!

Slim Jim Madness

I’m sitting on my bed high out of my fucking mind leme tell you. Laying In front of me I had a sprite, king size kit kat, a bag of ranch doritos, and a monster size original slim Jim. As I was deciding on what to eat first, I instinctively went to the slim Jim. Do not ask me “why not the chocolate?!” I don’t fucking know bitch! I was feeling the slim Jim! Anyways, off topic! So yeah, I slowly unwrapped the slim Jim, sort of like a movie scene started in my head. The slim Jim’s were ALIVE! Yeas ALIVE! But they weren’t Sold anywhere but the U.S. Everyone said they should sell in other countries, but the slim jims said “NO! FUCK YOU! USA! USA!” Then everyone got angrier (including Americans) then all out civil war irrupted! Thousands of humans and slim jims alike DEAD! Then one day, the great-great-great-great-great grandfathers grandson was king of the slim jims and said “WE WILL GO INTERNATIONAL!” And the world then ended all wars, and they all held hands by the fire singing Kumbya! Boom! World peace!

Alright guys! My solution to world peace…slim Jim civil war.

I haven’t written a weed related post In a while…it’s like amazing reminiscing on old times 🙂

-Jay c:

P.S got any strange stoner moments? Share them in the comments!


My Ashtray List: 5 Celebs I Want Toke Up With -Glittr

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Hey guys so these are my five people, living or dead, that i would smoke weed with. I got the idea from, which, by the way, is a great website for stoners to check out. It has some amazing articles.

Miley Cyrus

Because duh, it’s Miley. Miley seems like she’d be so fun to toke up with. Good girl gone bad gives no fucks about what people say and she’s very out there about her habit.

Seth Rogan

He’s funny as hell and known for such masterpieces as Pineapple Express. I feel like this would be an entertain ing smoke sesh.


Shoutout to this sexy stoner and yet another good girl gone bad. Ri-Ri is very verbal about her mary jane use as well.

Jennifer Lawerence

Yes, she smokes too! J Lawrence is the girl who could be every chicks bestie toking with her would be a dream.

Wiz Khalifa

C’mon, if you read our blog you had to know he’d be on my list.

So who would you blaze with if you could? Let us know



Stoner Problems -Glittr

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So initially I was gonna do stoner girl probs, but figured id make it more broad since a lot of these issues are gender neutral. So without further ado…


O jesus the struggle, me and one of my best friends smoke a lot by the lake, one time we were trying a good 10 mins to get the lighter going without it going out.


Generally speaking I have zero appetite unless ive been smoking.


Or just generally having to remember to take off lipgloss when smoking can be a struggle.


Everyone knows bong water reeks, it sucks when it gets on your clothes or spills.


Lol we kinda give only a few fucks about hiding whay were doing, so long as no cops are in the vicinity.


Im addicted to nicotine more than I care to admit. Weed makes cigarettes better though I dont really need them when im smoking


This can suck a lot, I hate when people fuck up rotation, though ive messed it up a few times so I cant talk too much.


One of the suckiest things is when you want to smoke but the dd doesnt pick up.


Ew just ew hate the paranoia

Super annoying if you think weed os bad you obviously haven’t done your research

Or simply having no pockets, the struggle

I know there are plenty of other typical stoner problems so share yours with us!

Bonus list
-Getting your lighter stolen!
-Forgetting what you were doing two seconds ago
-Being too high to be productive

Cross Joint Tutorial By Seth Rogan -Glittr

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This tutorial is from the bonus features on pineapple Express just fyi



Smoke Tricks -Glittr

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Whether you’re using weed or the legal alternative, smoke tricks are really cool, so here all some bad ass tricks.


Smoke Rings:


French inhale:


Share your favs!