My High Diaries

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Hey guys! So I was going through an old journal, and found the most interesting addition to it. I decided to share this with you word for glorious word!

Slim Jim Madness

I’m sitting on my bed high out of my fucking mind leme tell you. Laying In front of me I had a sprite, king size kit kat, a bag of ranch doritos, and a monster size original slim Jim. As I was deciding on what to eat first, I instinctively went to the slim Jim. Do not ask me “why not the chocolate?!” I don’t fucking know bitch! I was feeling the slim Jim! Anyways, off topic! So yeah, I slowly unwrapped the slim Jim, sort of like a movie scene started in my head. The slim Jim’s were ALIVE! Yeas ALIVE! But they weren’t Sold anywhere but the U.S. Everyone said they should sell in other countries, but the slim jims said “NO! FUCK YOU! USA! USA!” Then everyone got angrier (including Americans) then all out civil war irrupted! Thousands of humans and slim jims alike DEAD! Then one day, the great-great-great-great-great grandfathers grandson was king of the slim jims and said “WE WILL GO INTERNATIONAL!” And the world then ended all wars, and they all held hands by the fire singing Kumbya! Boom! World peace!

Alright guys! My solution to world peace…slim Jim civil war.

I haven’t written a weed related post In a while…it’s like amazing reminiscing on old times ūüôā

-Jay c:

P.S got any strange stoner moments? Share them in the comments!


Lets Play a very challenging game of…Fuck, Marry, Kill! -Glittr

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So I lined up some Celebs for a game of fuck marry kill.

Round 1: Dark haired Divas

Mila Kunis

Megan Fox

Nina Dobrev

My Picks:

Fuck: Megan Fox

Marry: Mila Kunis

Kill: Nina Dobrev

I think all these bitches are cute as fuck but I had to kill someone. You should already know my main bitch Mila would be wifey status. Megan Fox looks like a good fuck but nothing much deeper than that.

Round 2: Blonde Bombshells

Scarlett Johansson

Jessica Alba

Blake Lively

My Picks:

Fuck: Blake Lively

Marry: Jessica Alba

Kill: Scarlett Johansson

Sorry Scar but you’ve been out bad bitched (in my opinion). Blake seems like the perfect girl to fuck and Jessica Alba…who in their right mind wouldn’t wanna marry/fuck/do nasty things to her???

Round 3: Radiant Red Heads!

Emma Stone


Karen Gillian

My Picks:

Fuck: Rihanna

Marry: Emma Stone

Kill: Karen Gillian

All very sexy girls, but Emma has a personality that automatically makes me like her. Emmas one of my main bitches so u already know Ri-ri looks sexy and fuckable as always and Karen while cute and an amazing actress is not on my fuck or marry list.

Thats all! Feel free to ask me matchups or put ur answers in the comments below.



What if Green Eggs and Ham Was About Weed? -Glittr

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So I go to thinking in my head, what if you replaced all of the words green eggs and ham with just the word weed? It would be about teen struggles of peer pressure and being pressured into smoking. Here’s how this story could have turned out…

I am Sam

I am Sam
Sam I am

That Sam-I-am
That Sam-I-am!
I do not like
that Sam-I-am

Do you like

I do not like it,
I do not like

Would you like it
Here or there?

I would not like it
here or there.
I would not like it
I do not like
I do not like it,

Would you like it
in a house?
Would you like it
with a mouse?

I do not like it
in a house.
I do not like it
with a mouse.
I do not like it
here or there.
I do not like it
I do not like marijuana.
I do not like it, Sam-I-am.

Would you eat it
in a box?
Would you eat it
with a fox?

Not in a box.
Not with a fox.
Not in a house.
Not with a mouse.
I would not eat it here or there.
I would not eat it anywhere.
I would not eat marijuana.
I do not like it, Sam-I-am.

Would you? Could you?
in a car?
Eat it! Eat it!
Here it is.

I would not ,
could not,
in a car

You may like it.
You will see.
You may like it
in a tree?
d not in a tree.
I would not, could not in a tree.
Not in a car! You let me be.

I do not like it in a box.
I do not like it with a fox
I do not like it in a house
I do mot like it with a mouse
I do not like it here or there.
I do not like it anywhere.
I do not like marijuana.
I do not like it, Sam-I-am.

A train! A train!
A train! A train!
Could you, would you
on a train?

Not on a train! Not in a tree!
Not in a car! Sam! Let me be!
I would not, could not, in a box.
I could not, would not, with a fox.
I will not smoke it with a mouse
I will not smoke it in a house.
I will not smoke it here or there.
I will not smoke it anywhere.
I do not like it, Sam-I-am.

In the dark?
Here in the dark!
Would you, could you, in the dark?

I would not, could not,
in the dark.

Would you, could you,
in the rain?

I would not, could not, in the rain.
Not in the dark. Not on a train,
Not in a car, Not in a tree.
I do not like it, Sam, you see.
Not in a house. Not in a box.
Not with a mouse. Not with a fox.
I will not eat ot here or there.
I do not like it anywhere!

You do not like

I do not
like it,

Could you, would you,
with a goat?

I would not,
could not.
with a goat!

Would you, could you,
on a boat?

I could not, would not, on a boat.
I will not, will not, with a goat.
I will not smoke it in the rain.
I will not smoke it on a train.
Not in the dark! Not in a tree!
Not in a car! You let me be!
I do not like it in a box.
I do not like it with a fox.
I will not smoke it in a house.
I do not like it with a mouse.
I do not like it here or there.
I do not like it ANYWHERE!

I do not like

I do not like it,

You do not like it.
SO you say.
Try it! Try it!
And you may.
Try it and you may I say.

If you will let me be,
I will try it.
You will see.

I like marijuana!
I do!! I like it, Sam-I-am!
And I would smoke it in a boat!
And I would smoke with a goat…
And I will smoke it in the rain.
And in the dark. And on a train.
And in a car. And in a tree.
It is so good so good you see!

So I will smoke it in a box.
And I will smoke it with a fox.
And I will smoke it in a house.
And I will smoke it with a mouse.
And I will smoke it here and there.
Say! I will smoke it ANYWHERE!

I do so like
Thank you!
Thank you,

Hope you liked it!



Selling Girl Scout Cookies Outside a Dispensary -Glittr

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Just wanted to give a kudos to the girl who sold Girl Scout Cookies at a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado. I was a girl scout back in  my time and i think this is ingenious. The girl sold 117 boxesin 2 hours by The Green Cross Pharmacy. She only sold 37 boxes in the same 2 hour time accross the street in front of a Safeway store prior. 

What do you think about this? Comment!



My Stoner Pet Peeves

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Ughh so all stoners have these certain little things they hate when smoking. Kind of like OCD. Me personally, I am extremely clean. I always have to clean the bong, I make sure all my supplies are put in a specific order, and my cabinet is in a specific way. I know I’m gonna be a lifer, its just my personality, who I am, and I’m a okay with that. Soooo……I decided to share with you all of the stupid little annoying pet peeves I have encountered while smoking,.

A) The Joint/Blunt/Bong/Pipe/Ect. should ALWAYS be passed to the left. I absolutely hate it when people try to pass to the right!

B) Joints and Blunts are puff puff pass. Don’t be a little bitch, and don’t be a fucking hog.

C) When smoking from a bong, EMPTY THE CHAMBER. Seriously…I don’t want to smoke your toke.

D) People who say I smoke too much. I’m a Stoner. In case you didn’t know.

E) I enjoy being there when a friend takes their first toke. If I’m not there, then we can’t be friends anymore…

F) If I tell you not to smoke all of my weed, don’t smoke it….unless you can buy more…

G) People who are extremely greedy. If you buy weed for everyone to smoke, don’t get pissed when we roll and smoke all that shit. Trust me when I say…”I got you next time”

H) If you’re gonna smoke with me, go hard, or go home….There’s only a few people who can get away with this.

I) Lastly, DON’T KILL MY FUCKING HIGH! I like to chill, relax, eat, and sleep. If you happen to by chance kill that, we will never smoke together again.

-Jay c:

P.S. What are your Stoner Pet Peeves.

Not another Pothead Survey! -Glittr

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What age did you start smoking? 15

How long have you been smoking marijuana? 5 years

Finish this sentence..Marijuana has helped me: relax

l What is your favorite smoking device? mmmm either a good bong a blunt

If you could smoke with anyone who would it be? Wiz Khalifa or miley

What is your favorite music to listen to stoned? wiz khalifa, kendrick lamar, kid kudi, mac miller…

Joint or Blunt? blunt, joints can be fun though

 What is your favorite strain? tie between sour disel, cherry cough, girl scout and pineapple express lol

Will you ever quit smoking? cigarettes, yes, weed, naah (though when i have kids im not gonna b smoking quite so much or at all when preggers :/)

Are you a medical marijuana patient? i wish

 Do you grow maryjane? attempted lol

 Indica or Sativa? indica, but really the situation is the determining factor

 mm Glass, Metal or Acrylic? Glass

Whats your favorite headshop? zebrahead is the one closest to me but gas pipe is really good

 Who is your best stoner friend? all of them, i have a decent number

Does your parents know you smoke? they dont realize i actively do 

Favorite thing to do when stoned? video games

 Do you smoke everyday? not everyday, but a lot

 Is dank weed all you smoke on?lately thats all ive been smoking

Favorite place to smoke? friends houses

Bong hits or Vape it?bong!

Whats your best 420 moment? i want cake! lol

Do you belive the sweet leaf will be legal? by 2016 i think it will be in at least 20 states

How many times do you smoke a day?once or twice

How often do you clean you bong?¬†her foster mom cleans her ūüôā

Have you ever been arrested/trouble for weed? not arrested

When you hear the word GANJA what do you think? fire it up

Does your state support medical marijuana?no texas :/

Half baked or Grandmas boy?  both! ummm half baked

 Whats your favorite Cheech and Chong movie? up in smoke

 Cheech or Chong? i love tommy chong!!

All time favorite stoner flick? pineapple express is good

Do you use a grinder? a broken one :/

 Is there an alarm on your phone that goes off at 4:20pm? nope, but i generally notice

 311 or Sublime? Sublimeis the only one i recognize

If marijuana became legal tomorrow what would you do first? get insanely blazed…in public…hang around the pd just to laugh at em

Stoner Problems -Glittr

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So initially I was gonna do stoner girl probs, but figured id make it more broad since a lot of these issues are gender neutral. So without further ado…


O jesus the struggle, me and one of my best friends smoke a lot by the lake, one time we were trying a good 10 mins to get the lighter going without it going out.


Generally speaking I have zero appetite unless ive been smoking.


Or just generally having to remember to take off lipgloss when smoking can be a struggle.


Everyone knows bong water reeks, it sucks when it gets on your clothes or spills.


Lol we kinda give only a few fucks about hiding whay were doing, so long as no cops are in the vicinity.


Im addicted to nicotine more than I care to admit. Weed makes cigarettes better though I dont really need them when im smoking


This can suck a lot, I hate when people fuck up rotation, though ive messed it up a few times so I cant talk too much.


One of the suckiest things is when you want to smoke but the dd doesnt pick up.


Ew just ew hate the paranoia

Super annoying if you think weed os bad you obviously haven’t done your research

Or simply having no pockets, the struggle

I know there are plenty of other typical stoner problems so share yours with us!

Bonus list
-Getting your lighter stolen!
-Forgetting what you were doing two seconds ago
-Being too high to be productive