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Sexual experiences can be pretty fucking awkward, especially if you’re not ready. We worry about doing things right, being good, looking attractive, our minds are constantly racing about what we need to do to make this experience everything it’s supposed to be and we lose focus of what it’s supposed to mean. Coming from personal experience, just cause a guy is ready does not mean the girl has to be, I’m the type of girl who wants to be with “Mr. Right”, I want to give myself to that special guy. Well that was total shit, Let me just say, don’t worry every second about making the right choice or if you’re doing everything right, we are young and we make mistakes, we will learn and we will get past the things we think are unbearable now. Society will always judge, we just have to stop giving a fuck about other people at some point. Sex should never stress us out, it is a simple decision that your body will make for you when it is ready, don’t let your horny boyfriend push you into anything you’re not ready for just because he throws around the idea of love. Take your time, control your decision and don’t just focus on one partner, it needs to be comfortable for both of you to enjoy it. Oh and don’t have babies, condoms are good. -A