About AnonymoUS

This is a blog about our lives, completely uncensored and uncut. Seriously, anything goes.  If you have any questions, suggestions for topics/ideas, or comments, email us at anonyus321@gmail.com. If you need advice or help, we’re here to shed insight. You can ask a general question or if you prefer, you can ask one of us specifically. We are all open to questions. So ask away.

Glittr is 20 years old. She is the most outgoing and random among us. She is always willing to try new things, and can never turn down a good dare. She loves her alcohol and weed.  Her personality is seriously one of a kind. She goes to a university possible near you, but spends many weekends to party and see friends. She also has a pretty great guy.

Jay is 20 years old. Jay is the nerdy syfi fiction lover, loves to read and write, but loves to have a good time equally as much. Out of all of us, she happens to possibly be one of the biggest stoners of the group. She can be sarcastic and funny, but caring and opinionated. She is also single, but happy with where she is in life. She suffers from depression and Anxiety, but she never lets that hold her back. She’s currently taking a long break from school.

Thanks for checking us out! Remember to follow our blog for the most interesting things you will ever read in your short existence.

-The AnonymoUS


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