Shitty Decisions and Bad News -Glittr

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Haven’t gave much of an update on my life so here are the highlights:
-I had shitty grades last semester. No really i simply gave up and stopped going. I literally made all f’s. How the fuck does that happen? Oh right.
-My pipe broke. Tragic I know. So my collection now consists of: a bong named Aqua’nisha, a bong i gave sole custody to Jay named Penelope, a broken pipe, a hookah named Genie. My first pipe has been missing for years now.
-This is old news now but i got fired from my job for smoking weed on the patio. It was so fucking stupid but no customers were buying and the employees were in the back. Isn’t that awesome sauce. They fired me based off a customer complaint about it. Needless to say at least i learned my lesson smoking at work.
-Back in classes now. Im taking a class called beverage survey where you get to try all type of wine and beers n other drinks. Im also retaking a few classes this semester.
Take lots of illegal drugs and drink 3 gallons of watee a day!


One thought on “Shitty Decisions and Bad News -Glittr

    notsotypicalhousewife said:
    02/05/2015 at 10:06 PM

    Aw man! I hope this semester goes better for you!

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