Jays Favs: Comic Books

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Okay so I’ve never done this one before, and I’m not sure if any of you guys know that I do read comic books, and I really have been thinking about bringing back Jays Favs so why not combine the two and give you my favorite comic books (just a disclaimer, they are all gonna be DC…well, because Batman)

5. Gotham City Sirens (whole series)
– Also known as the Gotham Girls, this comic centers around Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy. Good or bad you ask? Idk, read um’.


4. Mad Love
– This book is the amazing backstory of my favorite comic character EVER Harley Quinn. If you haven’t
read it….do it…..*whispers* dooooo ittt.


3. Nightwing Issue #0
– I love the new 52’s take on everyone’s favorite Robin, Dick Grayson. A must read for all Robin lovers


2. The Killing Joke
– This book is the (kind of) origin story of The Joker sending back to his days as the infamous Red Hood 😮 More happens, but you have to read it 😛


1. Suicide Squad #15: Psychos In Love
– I mean this book takes Harley and Jokers relationship to the next level…but I won’t ruin it for you.


Okay guys, I know there’s better comic books out there especially with Marvel, but I absolutely adore Batman comics and it’s really all I end up reading now a days.

-Jay c:

P.S. What are your favorite comic books, or comic book movies/shows?


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