Social Pressures

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Okay there’s something that’s bothering me, I know it’s been talked about a lot, but that’s how un gentleman like men have become now a days. Women don’t want an arrogant asshole that treat her as an object instead of a woman. What’s up with that? I damn sure wouldn’t date a guy who doesn’t open doors for me, ask me how my days going, good morning texts, bringing me cupcakes and chocolate on my period, just an all around nice guy. The kind that lays their jackets over puddles of water so women don’t get their shoes wet. What happened to that way of life. Good old fashioned attraction, good old fashioned manors. It’s like these guys believe we are put on this world to make them sandwiches and sex machines. And don’t get me started on stereotypes. Having to look like models. That a size 2 is somehow trumps the size 12. It’s sad that girls the size of paper are considered healthy, or if you don’t have the body of a Victoria Secret model, you’re not attractive. This is the unhealthy way of thinking in today’s society. I just can’t process it. What happened to this world? The media? The press? I’m going along with Meghan Trainor….I’m all about that Bass.

-Jay c:0



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