Lets Play a very challenging game of…Fuck, Marry, Kill! -Glittr

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So I lined up some Celebs for a game of fuck marry kill.

Round 1: Dark haired Divas

Mila Kunis

Megan Fox

Nina Dobrev

My Picks:

Fuck: Megan Fox

Marry: Mila Kunis

Kill: Nina Dobrev

I think all these bitches are cute as fuck but I had to kill someone. You should already know my main bitch Mila would be wifey status. Megan Fox looks like a good fuck but nothing much deeper than that.

Round 2: Blonde Bombshells

Scarlett Johansson

Jessica Alba

Blake Lively

My Picks:

Fuck: Blake Lively

Marry: Jessica Alba

Kill: Scarlett Johansson

Sorry Scar but you’ve been out bad bitched (in my opinion). Blake seems like the perfect girl to fuck and Jessica Alba…who in their right mind wouldn’t wanna marry/fuck/do nasty things to her???

Round 3: Radiant Red Heads!

Emma Stone


Karen Gillian

My Picks:

Fuck: Rihanna

Marry: Emma Stone

Kill: Karen Gillian

All very sexy girls, but Emma has a personality that automatically makes me like her. Emmas one of my main bitches so u already know Ri-ri looks sexy and fuckable as always and Karen while cute and an amazing actress is not on my fuck or marry list.

Thats all! Feel free to ask me matchups or put ur answers in the comments below.




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