My Beauty Products!

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Hey guys! It’s been a little while since I revealed I was coming back! I decided to do something a little different and post a beauty blog about my favorite beauty products! So let’s get started!

Now personally, I’ve never been much of a make-up guru so I only use 3 simple products!

1. Mascara
Now I love long thick eyelashes! I use some really expensive Smashbox full exposure mascara. I get the mini bottle because that craps like 30 bucks for a regular size bottle!


2. Lip stain
Omg this was the best invention since the lightbulb (just kidding!), but lip stain is a long wear lip color that lasts forever! You don’t find yourself re-applying your lip stick or lip gloss every 30 minutes!


3. Concealer
This saves my life on those ridiculous pimpletastic days! I use Fit Me by Mayballene NY. I don’t think I could ever live without it!


Now for skin I only use one product. It’s called Purity. You can find it at Ulta! It’s this amazing cleaner for oily skin that does the job fantastically! I found my skin to be so soft after I use it!!


Okay, I have a really easy hair routine that keeps my hair shinny and frizz free!

1. Loreal smooth intense shampoo/Conditioner
This stuff helps to control my overly frizzy hair, while keeping it smooth and shiny! It’s a must have for all frizz heads!


2. Loreal power moister hair mask
I use this product as a deep conditioner twice a week! It keeps my hair hydrated and actual helps my hair grow!!


Okay guys! Those are the beauty products I use! Got any you think I should try? Let me know!

-Jay c:

P.S I had no endorsement!


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