Sexual Bucketlist.. -Glittr

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This is basically all the shit I want to do in my relationship with my man that i can think of. Not putting shit on there i’ve already done.

1.Mile High Club

2. Roleplay

3. Sex tape

4. Sex in a hot tub or pool

5. Sex on the beach

6. Play strip poker or something similar

7. Naked twister

8. tie him up

9. Have sex in every room in the house

10, Sex in a car (sounds terrible, but still wana try it)

11. Be tied up

12. Tantric sex

13. Sex on a washing machine

14. sex on a building

15. Sex in elevator

16. Sex on a balcony

17.  Have sex on a roof

18. Try a cock ring

19. Try a sex toy

20. Try anal beads

21. Have a sx room

22. Attend sex related conference

23. Go to a porn convention

24.Get a sex book

25. Get a brazilian wax

26. Use a cage

27. Sensory deprivation

28. Flavored condoms

29. Edible underwear

30. Consensual nonconsensual sex

31. Wear a gag

32. Leave partner tied up all day

33. Sex on a boat

34. use ice sexually

35. Nipples pierced

36. Sex while camping.

38. Give a blowjob to my man at work

39.Pull my hair hard while dogie style

40. Buy a stripper pole

41. Use a sex swing

42. Happy ending massage

43. Sit on his face

44. Fuck in front of a fire on a rug

45. Have sex all night without sleeping

46. Oral sex with mints

47. Forbidden penetration sex

48. Sex at a national landmark

49. Something i didnt think i would do

50.  Sex in a tree


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