Cool and Handy 420 Accessories for under $10 -Glittr

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I was taking into account all of the cool trinkets and devices handy for my fellow pot conosseurs and decided to share some handy trinkets I have come across throughout the years.

5. Blunt Cutter

This nifty trinket can really come in handy. This is for all my blunt smokers. Simply pull the blunt through he circle and you have a quick and straight cut slice-easy as that. The product is pretty affordably, price range is about $2-$4.

4. One hitter

One hitters can definitely come in handy when you only have a little bit of product. They are also very discreet, many resemble their legal counterparts. This is a definite wishlist item for all you smokers on a budget. You can buy one online for as little as $6.

3. Stash Jar

Stash jars can be a really cool way to store and display your ganja. You can find them for easily under $10 and very effective.

2. Joint Rollers

Joint Rollers are a fast and easy way to roll your joints quickly. I was suprised by how cheap these actually are. A wonderful must-try.

1. Smoke Filter

A smoke buddy jr is a great gadget to have to conceal smoke. The device is travel size and can be purchased for around $8. Definate must try for those that smoke in public or places smoking is ill advised.


Thanks for reading be sure to share your favorite tools too!




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