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So Ive been watching a lot of bad girls club as of late and decided to write a Blog about what it really means to be a bad girl/bad bitch. Often people associate being a bad girl with being a good fighter or being super trashy without giving a fuck and doing stuff like this does not make you a bad girl.

1. Confidence


Confidence is key in any situation. To be a bad girl this piece of advice is crucial. Not every so called  bad bitch is a dime, but the confidence they radiate makes them more desirable. If you feel good about yourself and the way you look you are a whole hell of a lot more appealing than a pretty girl that if unsure of herself.

2. Don’t let people walk all over you

If you are truly a bad bitch you will stand up for yourself. Bad girls don’t let other people push them around. Be THE bitch, not somebodies bitch. If you can stand up for yourself and hold your own then you’re a bad girl. Don’t get it twisted though. I said stand up for yourself, not unnecessarily talk shit about people or start fights. The difference between a bad bitch and a bully is bad bitches stand up for themselves, not start drama to prove they’re bad.

3. Having your peoples back

Be loyal to your people. Basically this just means if someone is messing with your bitches you watch out for them. Don’t flip flop to whomever benifits you the most and don’t do your friends wrong. You can’t fight there battles for them, but you can watch there back while they need it.

4. Respecting yourself

So many girls think that bad bitches are trashy girls that have no class and disrespect themselves. But in actuality being a bad girl is all about respecting yourself and having fun while still keeping some dignity in tact. A bad girl is not the girl who will  get completely wasted all the time, a bad girl has fun but still looks good at the end of the night.

5. Do you

A bad girl answers to herself. She doesn’t go off of the popular opinion or what others think she ought to be doing. She is completely herself. Simple as that


What ways do you think you are a bad girl? What do you think makes someone a bad bitch? Let e know in the comments!




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