10 Good and 10 Bad things About Being in a Relationship -Glittr

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It’s been a minute since i posted, so here’s something new. Im in a relationship with someone i am very happy with and its one of the few actual relationships I have been In

10 Bad

5. Talking to people comes to a close. Not much of an issue for me. Im happy talking to the person im with but I know this is one of the downsides of being in a relationship.

4. You have to worry about things you wouldn’t have thought about when u were single. Talking to guys becomes much of a bigger deal than it would have been if you were single.

3. You’re free to to whatever. No consideration is required to make plans or do anything.

2. Independent mind. You are truely an individual. Anything can happen on any given night.

1. You have to compromise. Everything isnt all about you and what you want. You have to consider the other individual in the situation.

5 Good

5. Sex You have a constant reliable source for fucking. I may be blunt but its the truth.

4. Knowing someone cares about you, it also feels good to care for an individual in that way.

3. Companionship You have someone to talk about shit with all the time.

2. Cuddling Physical closeness to your spouse feels good.

1. It just feels good to care for another person. No elaboration necessary.




Im back bitchess


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