Today, Tomorrow, Whatever.

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Happiness. What is this? A silly feeling we all describe our future as. One silly word that can brighten up ones day, or destroy it. What exactly do we do to gain such a feeling? Do we work hard? Do we love? The human emotion “happy” is interesting. Its probably the emotion everyone wants to feel, the emotion that makes someone’s life what it is. How do achieve such an emotion? How can you tell when your happy? Do you smile more? Do you glow? What is this emotion? Its explained as a sudden relese of chemicals that give you a feeling of peace, I describe it as an over used expression to how we WILL live our lives, rather than how we ARE living our lives. I say we stop trying to predict our futures and start living it now. To erase the fears of tomorrow, and let it all go. Dance in the rain, be spontaneous, love yourself and the people around you, cherish the moments that make you smile, and always remember, happiness is never mesured by how much you have, but on how much you dare to live.

– Jay c:

P.S not saying happiness is fake, I’m just saying stop predicting it, and start being it.


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