My Stoner Pet Peeves

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Ughh so all stoners have these certain little things they hate when smoking. Kind of like OCD. Me personally, I am extremely clean. I always have to clean the bong, I make sure all my supplies are put in a specific order, and my cabinet is in a specific way. I know I’m gonna be a lifer, its just my personality, who I am, and I’m a okay with that. Soooo……I decided to share with you all of the stupid little annoying pet peeves I have encountered while smoking,.

A) The Joint/Blunt/Bong/Pipe/Ect. should ALWAYS be passed to the left. I absolutely hate it when people try to pass to the right!

B) Joints and Blunts are puff puff pass. Don’t be a little bitch, and don’t be a fucking hog.

C) When smoking from a bong, EMPTY THE CHAMBER. Seriously…I don’t want to smoke your toke.

D) People who say I smoke too much. I’m a Stoner. In case you didn’t know.

E) I enjoy being there when a friend takes their first toke. If I’m not there, then we can’t be friends anymore…

F) If I tell you not to smoke all of my weed, don’t smoke it….unless you can buy more…

G) People who are extremely greedy. If you buy weed for everyone to smoke, don’t get pissed when we roll and smoke all that shit. Trust me when I say…”I got you next time”

H) If you’re gonna smoke with me, go hard, or go home….There’s only a few people who can get away with this.

I) Lastly, DON’T KILL MY FUCKING HIGH! I like to chill, relax, eat, and sleep. If you happen to by chance kill that, we will never smoke together again.

-Jay c:

P.S. What are your Stoner Pet Peeves.


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