Stoner Problems -Glittr

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So initially I was gonna do stoner girl probs, but figured id make it more broad since a lot of these issues are gender neutral. So without further ado…


O jesus the struggle, me and one of my best friends smoke a lot by the lake, one time we were trying a good 10 mins to get the lighter going without it going out.


Generally speaking I have zero appetite unless ive been smoking.


Or just generally having to remember to take off lipgloss when smoking can be a struggle.


Everyone knows bong water reeks, it sucks when it gets on your clothes or spills.


Lol we kinda give only a few fucks about hiding whay were doing, so long as no cops are in the vicinity.


Im addicted to nicotine more than I care to admit. Weed makes cigarettes better though I dont really need them when im smoking


This can suck a lot, I hate when people fuck up rotation, though ive messed it up a few times so I cant talk too much.


One of the suckiest things is when you want to smoke but the dd doesnt pick up.


Ew just ew hate the paranoia

Super annoying if you think weed os bad you obviously haven’t done your research

Or simply having no pockets, the struggle

I know there are plenty of other typical stoner problems so share yours with us!

Bonus list
-Getting your lighter stolen!
-Forgetting what you were doing two seconds ago
-Being too high to be productive


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