Not another Pothead Survey! -Glittr

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What age did you start smoking? 15

How long have you been smoking marijuana? 5 years

Finish this sentence..Marijuana has helped me: relax

l What is your favorite smoking device? mmmm either a good bong a blunt

If you could smoke with anyone who would it be? Wiz Khalifa or miley

What is your favorite music to listen to stoned? wiz khalifa, kendrick lamar, kid kudi, mac miller…

Joint or Blunt? blunt, joints can be fun though

 What is your favorite strain? tie between sour disel, cherry cough, girl scout and pineapple express lol

Will you ever quit smoking? cigarettes, yes, weed, naah (though when i have kids im not gonna b smoking quite so much or at all when preggers :/)

Are you a medical marijuana patient? i wish

 Do you grow maryjane? attempted lol

 Indica or Sativa? indica, but really the situation is the determining factor

 mm Glass, Metal or Acrylic? Glass

Whats your favorite headshop? zebrahead is the one closest to me but gas pipe is really good

 Who is your best stoner friend? all of them, i have a decent number

Does your parents know you smoke? they dont realize i actively do 

Favorite thing to do when stoned? video games

 Do you smoke everyday? not everyday, but a lot

 Is dank weed all you smoke on?lately thats all ive been smoking

Favorite place to smoke? friends houses

Bong hits or Vape it?bong!

Whats your best 420 moment? i want cake! lol

Do you belive the sweet leaf will be legal? by 2016 i think it will be in at least 20 states

How many times do you smoke a day?once or twice

How often do you clean you bong? her foster mom cleans her 🙂

Have you ever been arrested/trouble for weed? not arrested

When you hear the word GANJA what do you think? fire it up

Does your state support medical marijuana?no texas :/

Half baked or Grandmas boy?  both! ummm half baked

 Whats your favorite Cheech and Chong movie? up in smoke

 Cheech or Chong? i love tommy chong!!

All time favorite stoner flick? pineapple express is good

Do you use a grinder? a broken one :/

 Is there an alarm on your phone that goes off at 4:20pm? nope, but i generally notice

 311 or Sublime? Sublimeis the only one i recognize

If marijuana became legal tomorrow what would you do first? get insanely blazed…in public…hang around the pd just to laugh at em


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