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Okay guys, its been a while since I posted anything about my life. I decided to kinda update you a little bit on whats going on. 

1. I got into a car accident this past Thursday. My windshield got ice frozen on it was I was driving and I was about to pull off to try and scrape it off, but hit the car in front of me hitting my head. Everyone’s good, but my car is totally fucked and I may haven to take out a car payment now.

2. I failed out of college pretty much. I have to take a winter mini term in order to get my math credit for this last semester. I pretty much just stopped showing up. 

3. I am falling back into depression.

4. I may have to pick up a second job to pay for the damage of the other lady’s car. 

5. I am completely broke and my life fucking sucks. 

6. I cant get to work right now because I have no car.

7. The lady I hit is super nice and is trying everything in her power to make it easier on me.

8. I may not be able to afford Christmas presents for my family.

9. I have kinda slowed down on the smoking being as though my smoking buddy A has her love back and ohh by the way shes engaged.

10. I seriously have no clue what the fuck I am doing with my life right now. 


P.S. I know this is kinda sad and a true glimpse into my life. I do suffer from anxiety and depression as well as insomnia. Something my friends or really anyone except my mother really knows about. So Glittr if you’re reading this (which I know you will), don’t mention it to anyone.



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