Nooooo…Paul Walker Noooo….

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So another celebrity death occurred, not from anything like what everyone’s mind goes to when you hear the words “Celebrity Death”, but from a serious tragic accident. Now to be honest, I never really payed attention to Paul Walker like I did with someone like Cory Montieth simply because me personally I’m not a big Fast and the Furious gal. When I heard the news I was a little sad, not much, but I looked at it like it was another tragic death to a human being. I decided to read up on him and what exactly happened, now I can say I’m completely heartbroken. I was expecting a drunk driving incident, or some kind of drug usage, but no, just a  freak accident to an amazing person. All the things you read about him are nothing but charity events, helping people, humanitarian work, I mean I cant seem to put together in my head why someone so special to the world would die in such a terrible way. I read up on him and all of the amazing things hes done and it makes me want to be a better person. Anyone who has that effect on me, seriously deserves a medal. All in all I wish I was a Paul Walker fan from the beginning and not after his death. Life is short guys, live it, love it, and make sure that whatever you do, you want to be remembered for it, loved for it, because if you die young, would you want to be remembered for all of your fuck ups? or like Mr. Walker, the man who managed to bring tears to my eyes reading over all the greatness he brought to the world. He was an amazing man, and from now on I will be asking myself….What would Paul do? 

-Jay c:

P.S. Rest in peace Paul, I hope wherever you are, they are treating you the way you treated the world that loved you dearly. 





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