Passing A Drug Test.

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Well guys, I am now employed at a Target near me, but I had to pass a drug test!! I know what your thinking…Jay, how in the fuckity would YOU OF ALL PEOPLE pass a drug test? Well its simple, at least 30 ml of an 11 year olds urine, and a small coffee from jack in the box. Both of these items are only about 3 bucks in total. All you do is collect the urine of your clean piss and shove it into a warm area. Mine of course was my underwear. Then, go through a jack in the box, or anywhere that has coffee and is close to your testing place. Hold the urine in the cup of coffee until you get to your lab. Remove the urine from the hot coffee and place it in your underwear. It should stay warm. Make sure you actually have to pee so if your nurse listens, you’re actualy peeing. Hope this helps you in your stoner endevors.

-Jay c:

P.S. I’m stoned in celebration.


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