My First Real Well….

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Okay so every girl out there has that one guy they have feelings for that never truly wither away.

I was 15. Yeah I’ve had “crushes” before, but nothing like this one. He was just about my height, amazing body let me tell ya, and surprisingly funny. I was a sophomore, he was a senior. We met when I was a JV wrestler, he was of course varsity. We had talked a few times before then. I never really gave him the time of day until he did something that caught my eye. I was walking down the hallway of the indoor football field when I hear a voice behind me.
“So when are we gonna go out?” he said. I whipped around and saw him standing there with one of my brothers best friends.
“Pffft….” was all I gave him. He smiled and I continued with what I was doing.
“So what grade are you in?” was what he asked me next. I didn’t even open my mouth. I just held up all of my fingers like I was telling him 10. He nodded his head and followed me to the football field. He kept talking to me, but I don’t remember what he was saying because I wasn’t paying any attention. To be honest at that point in time, I wasn’t even interested. I stood by the doors waiting for my ride when he stands in front of me and says the cheesiest thing ever.
“If you stare into my eyes for 7 seconds, you’ll fall in love with me.” was what it took, a cheesy line to make my heart flutter. Honestly I’m not even sure if it was his guts to say such a line, or the challenge, but I responded.
“Oh yeah? I bet not.” I said while staring into his eyes. I’ve never really looked at him until that point. When my ride showed up, he smiled and nodded his head at me.
“See you around.” he said opening the doors for me. I rolled my eyes and ran out into the rain. When I got into the car I felt different. I looked back to him as we drove away. He never took his eyes off the car. Everything since then was nothing but flirting and sexual tension. The last time I saw him was like a year ago at my high school graduation. He smiled at me and we just stood there for a minute staring before I was whisked away from him to pose for pictures with my friends. Before then I haven’t seen him since his high school graduation. I told him I liked him a few days after he graduated. He smiled and just looked at me with this admiring look. I never knew if be liked me or not, I never got the chance to talk to him. We never dated, we never talked like we were going to date, we just were what we were. He did get really jealous when I talked to other guys. I got jealous when he talked to other girls, but not like him. One time he actually deleted a guys number out of my phone. I put him into his place 😛

-Jay c:

P.S. Let me know your stories c:


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