Stoner Bucket List -Glittr (Updated 11/12/13)

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Ok so i compiled a weed bucketlist. All items and pictures are credited to

(X) Yea I got that one

(X) I believe so. A has a convertible luckily

(X) Senior year with HelloA as well as college once


(X) Senior Year with HelloA, also senior year when i went on a team outing

() Great idea!

() Nah, but ive used some b4

() Nope

() I gotta get a hammock first…

(XXX) for sure!

(X) sour diesel, down to try new stuff

(X) Done that

(x) smoked one thanks to jay

()Alot? yes, but never a ridiculous amount

() nope

(x) cake πŸ™‚

(XX) Yup many a times

(x) yea


(X) Not 100% on this one, but i feel like i have

(X) yup

() soon lol

(X) yea

() this is the first im hearing of this

() No :/

(X) yessss ive had the best ihop ever high pretty recently πŸ™‚

(X) i actually have

() not a dubstep fan

*sorry i spelled frisbee wrong

() no, but i intend to

(X) yep i was present for HelloA, Jay and A’s first time getting high as well as a couple others

(X) lol


() never gona happen

(X) freshman year..

() this summer doe

() cant say i have

(x) mhm

() uhhhh no

() Dream vacation

(X) yea, back when i first started smoking i have


() not to my knowledge, but im down

(XXXXXXX) many a times

(X) haha yes

() never been sober either

() never even knew of such a thing


(X) si

() WTF is that?

() …

(X) fun fun

() sounds cool


() i love that idea thou

() yea cuz that just happens

() i refuse

() id love to

(XX) lol all my besties πŸ™‚

() nah


(x) does A trick count LOL

(XXX) multitudes of times

() if only…

() never gona happen


() lemme get my own apt first

() I can dream

(x) A What??

() fully intend to

() haha not i

Love u guys share ur own ideas




One thought on “Stoner Bucket List -Glittr (Updated 11/12/13)

    notsotypicalhousewife said:
    10/29/2013 at 12:37 AM

    High sex is awesome sex! So much easier to climax (for me) My husband hates it though. 😦

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