This is soooo 10 posts ago… -But hey, It’s my life! I can do what I want! ;)

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I know this is old. Imma give it a try since it’s currently 1:00 am on a Monday morning.

’25 Random Ass Things About Me’ with Rodolfo C.

First name: Nice try…

Nickname: Rodolfo C.

Astrological sign: Pisces

Birthplace: Illi…

Eye color: too common brown

Hair color: Brown (red for bout a day around 4 years ago)

Height: tall

Pets: 3 (1 or 2 on the way-mah burd expecting)

1. Do you have a best friend? – “A” best friend?? Yeah!

2. Name one thing you can do better than any of your friends. -nothing.. they are as awesome or beyond than me..

3. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? – bout 25individual handmade “get well” cards

4. When you grow up, what do you want to be? -I wanna help people out(HR or in the medical field)

5. You can’t wait till the day you… – DIE – JK JK!!   I graduate from college.

6. Worst habit: -bites nails (among others)

7.What is one secret about you that only your closest friends know? – Its goes like this….

8. What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you? -Umm you tell me. Probably ripping a little poor girls party dress just because I was greedy and then having it all caught on video..

9. Heroes: (Insert extraordinary people/person here) muh parents

10. Person/People you’d like to meet: -my wife… come on and show yourself already! No pressure though…

11. Celebrity crush: – I have a thing for Emma Watson..

12. What nail polish shade are you wearing today? -nope… nope… This is soo sexist!

13. Are you pierced? Where? -yes.   Just kidding…. I just can’t see myself doing it..

14. One word that describes your personal style: -(Conservatively okay with being fun at times)

15. One word that best describes your personality: -somewhere between shy and quirky.. let’s say shiurky.

16. Favorite lip gloss flavor: -__-

17. Fashion icon: – even though I have no fashion sense whatsoever, the guys from the royal family are always sharp.

18. Favorite color: – it varies… red

19. If your shoes did the talking, what would they say about you? -when am I retiring?

20. How do you want to celebrate your next birthday? -take me on a road trip, just make me feel worry-free.

21. What is your favorite thing in your room? -my only surviving baby picture and my curtains…damn I love them!

22. When you can’t fall asleep, what do you think about? -life and stuff.

23. Favorite way to spend a rainy afternoon: Netflix and being lazy..

24. Car you would like to drive someday: -All of the above. My weird-self would actually like a Range Rover… don’t judge..

25. Favorite book

Coloring books….


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