My Wolf Pack c:

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Okay, so I was reading Glittrs post about our friends, when I decided to post about what I think of my 6 best friends that anyone could have c:

Glittr- You are always there for me and anyone who needs it. You seriously have the biggest heart I have ever witnessed within a person. Even though you’re a party girl and we are very different, I could not imagine my life without you bitch c: I love you wifey! (THIS IM MY HEART! AND IM GIVING IT TO YOU! XD)


Homer Simpson- Ohh god, we have so many memories, and I honestly love you to death and couldnt imagine life without you. Everytime you’re around us, you just make the party 20x better. You’re my home dawg, my laugh-out-loud-lets-have-a-fucked-up-night best friend! (Make de climb XD)


HelloA- Girrrrrl! Even though you’re the bestie I see the least, everytime I see you its like we’re in high school again, seeing you everyday like no time has past. You are so strong, and I praise you for that c: I cant wait for your wedding! I think I may cry then c’: Love you!! (This is my 20 inch weave!)


Rodolfo C.- I was just with you! LOL Anyways, you are so friendly and kind (Sometimes). You are how I wish I was as a person. You are always there for me when I need it…kinda like a life coach. I trust you 110%. (Not really an inside joke, but remember when we went to town square that one time we volunteered at the high school? Our paranormal walks XD)


Leigh- Bro, you are like my sister, I seriously can’t live without you. We’ve known eachother for about 5 years now and you have cemented yourself into my heart c: I love you bro! (You’re fucking crazy!!)


A- Theres nothing that really needs to be said about our frienship c: You’re The peanut butter to my jelly, the wings beneath my wings, the person who I know will always have my back. You are my other half, I couldn’t live without you bro, and I know I would never get anything done without you pushing me to do it XD (Fucktards.)


-Jay c:

P.S. I hope I didnt forget anyone! I dont think I did. These assholes have been apart of my life for years and that I would do anything for them.



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