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Okay so I have this professor who’s a total bitch and is content with making everyone feel stupid, and did I mention she is one of those professors who are very fail happy? I decided to test out of it, but then I came face to face with the ultimate decision, I would have to risk my financial aid, risk my admission into the school I want, or kiss some serious ass. Ultimately, I cannot risk my application, so keeping the class without the possibility of dropping is not a choice. I think I could delay my application for next fall even though it would kill me, or I put 110% into the class causing a possible drop in my GPA, also risking my admission. I have until November 14th to figure out what I’m gonna do. I cried today over this. Yeahh….it really sucks being an adult.

-Jay c:

P.S. How would you guys handle this?


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