So the Government Shutdown…that’s a thing -Glittr

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Just in case you guys haven’t been watching the news, the government shutdown on Monday at Midnight. Long story short the senate and the House of Reps can’t play nicely together so they fucked us all. It all ties back to debate over Obamacare.

What does this mean for you?

Alot of government run places won’t be in use, like if you need a new social security card, get a new passport ect. The post office and other mandatory services will still be available. Yes you still get your food stamps n whatnots. The people who will hurt the most from this are people who work for the government. They will not be able to come into work.

Don’t freak out and think were suddenly in a real life Purge…the longest ever governmental shutdown was in 1995 and lasted 21 days. 1995 was the last time this has happened.

What do you think about all this? Comment your opinion.

In other news were about to hit the debt ceiling in a week, which means that is a small scale issue compared to this. Debt ceiling…the max amount of debt we can have.





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