A Stoner How To

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So I’m gonna teach you a very interesting, very easy thing to make that I believe all stoners should make in their lifetime…a mason jar bong.

1. You need a mason jar. I used a mini one, but you can use whatever jar you have layin around.
2. You need some kind of plastic or rubber tubing, like I use this medical grade plastic tubing I found on a mask that goes to my asthma nebulizer.
3. Something to use as a stem (that can sit entirely in the water.) and a bowl. I’ve heard people use the metal part at the tip of a led pencil as a bowl, and a metal body of a pen as the stem. I went to the hardware section of WalMart and bought this pack of metal things for 8 bucks that had a metal rod, and something I could use for a bowl.
4. Super glue
5. Screwdriver and hammer.

Remove the lid of the mason jar and drill 2 holes, or poke 2 holes in the flat part of the lid. Make sure your tubing and your stem can fit into the two holes. Once you have both tubes inserted, add your water and place lid back on top of the mason jar. Make sure you have a screen if your bowl is fairly large and your weed can fall through. I find old iPod or iPhone headphone screens work fairly well.

-Jay c:

P.S. Make sure your mouthpiece is above the water and not submerged.the only thing that should be submerged is your stem about 2 inches under water. Make sure you seal any spaces that could mess with the pressure of your bong. The supplies should only cost like 10 bucks. Here’s the bong I made:


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