Too Turnt Up Last Night -Glittr

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Soooo last night is you didn’t know was helloA’s birthday. Well of course we did the damn thing and had a pretty epic night. About 5 minutes into their apartment we already broke into the alcohol, which included Pornstar shots, Haymaker, Hypnotic, smirnoff pineapple, wine, chocolate shots and some frozen stuff that tasted like a snowcone.

After a little alcohol in our system, we went to the smokeshop and stocked up on nicotine and gars. At that point we were pretty damn hungry so we went to a pizza place and got pizza as well as beer cuz we think we grown :). With our stomachs fully satisfied we went back to the apartment to  get swagged up. Then more alcohol. We each gave a toast speech to the birthday bitch. Her boyfriend concluded his toast by getting on one knee and PROPOSING(!!) Of course she said yes and they are now officially engaged. Which I am so happy for them.

We then took a detour to her aunt’s then went to a hookah bar. On our way we actually got pulled over and came out of it with three tickets. The hookah bar was a fun experience, but most likely not doing it again in the foreseeable future. The wait was really long kinda expensive and that is alotta smoke for 1 hour session. Post hookah we went to get some weed and had a long car ride back to the apt. As we got to the apt we broke down and rolled up the weed and made a badass water bong.

When I say we was high as fuck i mean WE WAS HIGH AS FUCK! That just might have been the highest I have ever been in my life. helloA thought we were no longer in reality, we had our own the Weeknd concert and I’m not entirely confident on our walking skill, or even standing up skills.And of corse we kept getting all these ideas i.e. new types of charges, and games n shit. And of course we were drinkin on haymaker and Hypnotic all the while. The water bong was hitting hella hard. We were pretty blazed.

Needless to say we slept good as fuck. The next day we had breakfast, some more alcohol, and smoked another blunt and the extendo. And we were pretty fuckin high, or at least I know I was.

Well hope you enjoyed sorry this so long but I wanted to get everything in.




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