This Weekend Though…

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So my weekend wasn’t as crazy as Glittrs and HelloA’s, but me and A were on that good shit. Saturday, we were going to hang out with Glittr and HelloA, but plans kept changing leaving me and A with 2 choices, get high as fuck? Or go home? So we ended up with a dime in the country with a blunt each (First time rolling my own shit, we rolled that shit up tight, we naturallllls!) so we smoked that shit, then went home to sleep the night away. Sunday was the funniest for me. We pulled out our leftovers from Saturday and rolled us up a couple joints and a blunt. We were out of there. Now where we smoke is about 5-6 miles out in the country, so we, being as high as we were, decided to drive up to speed, throw the car into neutral, and let it go until it stops. That was the best time ever! Once we even turned out the lights for like 3 seconds which scared the fuck out of us. When I say it was dark, I mean it was pitch black like you couldn’t see a fucking neon green elephant hurtling toward you if you tried. We ended up turning the car around and doing the same thing over again, but we were a bit more paranoid because someone started following us until we lost them. After all the crazy laughs, I was home by 9:30 and crawled into bed. Now, I’m sitting in this boring ass class trying my hardest not to laugh as I relive our adventure this past weekend.

-Jay c:

P.S. So what did you do with your weekend?


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