Random Sunday: Marijuana

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Okay guys so my friends and I had an awesome conversation last night about weed. Some of the facts you read are actually very surprising. I’m not gonna say any of them, just write a poem about how awesome weed is.

Mary Jane,
Take a puff,
Feel that stuff,
Kush and Corn,
Dimes and dubs,
Puff puff pass,
To the left it goes,
Bongs and joints,
Blunts and pipes,
Smoke that shit,
Smoke it up all night,
Feelin’ numb,
Feelin’ good,
Feelin’ like I’m coming to,
Giggles aand laughs,
Munchin’ on food,
There’s nothing better,
Than a blunt or two.

-Jay c:

P.S. Hope you enjoyed that piece of shit! Here’s the pic that inspired it all:


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