What High School is REALLY Like (Not the TV Version) -Glittr

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So being as I just graduated 2 years ago, I expect this to be somewhat helpful for preHS students/ concerened parents/ect.
First let me just say, a tv show or movie is NOT a reliable source. There is not unlimited time in the hallway nor is there a crazy party every weekend. The biggest change (from middle school/ect) would be the amount of freedom. Going out with friends becomes a little more regular, for one.
As far as sex/alcohol/drugs are concerned although it is more common  “everyone” is not doing it. No people don’t think think you’re weird if you’re a virgin.  If I had to guess id say about 50% of students are not virgins, 50% drink and roughly 40% have done some type of illegal drug. The divisions of dos and do nots are about equal.
As far as cliques go, though they do exist, they are definitely not as obvious as they are portrayed. Sure, some groups like sports, some are more preppy than others, but chances are you cant tell just by looking at the people. And might i add, cheerleaders and football players are not necessarily the “popular kids”. As a matter of fact, the so called  popular kids are more than likely the nicest and most open people, at least from my experience.
Finally bullies, though there may be some “rawr i take your lunch money bullies” out there somewhere, the more popular for is the ones that verbally abuse. They’re the ones that mean talk people just cuz they can.
Ok well thats all for now ques/comments/concerns feel free to comment.




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