I’m Bout Ta Hit Da Club and Dance Like a Stripper -Glittr

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This blog is for all the 18/19 year olds who never been to a club, or maybe your a 30-somethin wantin to try something new. Maybe even a worried parent trying to see what there kid is doing. Either way, this will give you an idea on what a typical club is like. Keep in mind, depending on the club, results may very. 
  Well first of, most people in clubs range from 18 to mid 20s, but expect to see some older crowd as well. For everyone under 21, though it is possible, dont expect to get drinks. Many clubs have staff checking just to make sure you’re not drinking. If you’re giving alcohol to minors or recieving it and are caught, most likely you will get kicked out.
Most clubs range from $10-30, charging slightly higher for minors typically. My advice would be to check online for discount or free nights (some have special ladies nights or are free earlier in the night).
The music the club has varies based on the club itself. Most clubs have djs but a few have live bands. DJs often play popular songs they remix as a mashup. 
Typical clubs have one or two dance floor areas and a few chill areas to sit down or cool off. Drinks (this includes water) can get pricey so check the policy for byob at the club. 
If you can’t dance dont worry too much, many people just jump up in down. Trust me, look like your having fun and nobody will care.
Some clubs have poles and risen areas you can dance on if you’re comfortable being in the limelight. Its a fun way to goof off with friends.
As far as clothing, most clubs are semicasual but you tend to see many people in t-shirt and jeans, whatever your comfortable with. As far as rave clubs, a bikini is totally acceptable.
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