Miley Cyrus Doeeee VMAs -Glittr

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Sooo i’m pretty sure everyone online has seen Miley’s VMA performance by this point. First let me say I do love Miley and her edgy new look, BUT that VMA performance was just…weird.

Now im not gonna say too much on the subject, just this:

Her hair was terrible. Please Miley never wear it like that again it was just bad.

Yea trying way to much with the twerking thing. Its fun to do it once or twice but you’re not an above average twerker we’re not impressed.

That tongue was tha most chill out gurl. Keep it in your mouth chick.

What the hell was up with this foam finger?!

Here’s some pics of the event. Also feel free to let me know how you felt about the performance. Loved it? Hated it? I wanna know your thoughts and opinions.


For the record I do find Miley sexy as hell normally and I love her new song We Can’t Stop.




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