College Life, Sophmore Edition -Glittr

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Well Im back on campus and things are going good. I’ve had plenty of time to see friends from last year as well as making many new ones since classes don’t start until Wednesday for me.

Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to:

Potluck So me and some friends went to another friends new apartment for a potluck. It was actually a lot of fun we got some bomb ass food, turned the stairs into a slide with a cardboard box and a blanket, met and hung out with a ton of cool peeps, and there may or may not have been some illegal activities involved 🙂

Stadium Event Honestly i don’t know what this was. We went hoping to get free food and maybe some other freebies, but the line for food was long as fuck and the t-shirts were gone. We did end up meeting some new people and invited them to hang out (which they did).

Friends I have now pretty much saw all my old friends at this point. We made our rounds, both on and off campus to catch up with friends, many of which are staying in the same dorm as me.

Overall, this year is a lot like last year, except i’m more sure of myself. For the sake of  No more worrying about classes, or freaking out over whether i’m gonna meet people I get along with. With the newness of last year gone it’s gonna be a great year being older and wiser. And man, I love college




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