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I tell him I like his car, he’ll sell it though. I ask him to stay, he decides to leave. I tell him I want black he gets white,

He asks me not to drink I stop, he wants to sleep at 10 I tell my friends I can’t go out, he doesn’t like my tattoos, he doesn’t like my gauges, he doesn’t like my music.

I have changed everything about me to make this guy happy while he ignores my opinion and pushes my feelings aside constantly. I’m not even the type of girl to get mad easily yet I find myself wanting to punch him half the time and the other half I spend trying to make him smile. But I think I just might have reached my end.

Ladies and gentlemen  STOP trying to change everything about someone, if you REALLY like them you would accept the things about them that your tiny closed mind sees as flaws and love them anyway. Instead of trying to build your perfect soul mate just go fucking find them.

DON’T tell me I can’t cut my hair

DON’T tell me I can’t get more tattoos or piercings

DON’T tell me I can’t wear something

DON’T tell me not to put on makeup

I don’t spend my time bitching about your boring, closed, judgmental mind so STOP trying to change mine. I will not have someone constantly sucking the fun and creativity out of MY life because it makes them happy and neither should anyone else. LOVE ME, NOT WHO YOU WANT ME TO BE. -A

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