Personnal Sunday: Lesbian Maturity -Glittr

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So I decided im gonna be a lesbian. Just temporarily. I know you’re probably  thinking ” WTF that’s not something you just randomly choose”, so I’ll try to explain my thought process.

I’m trying something new. I know I’m not a lesbian, I like guys too much. I do think I might like girls, but im not sure. To sort it out I’m trying to focus only on girls  for a while. I guess you could say im experimenting.

To my friends reading this don’t freak out, if I ever (future tense) or have ever kissed/made out/ect don’t take it the wrong way. My friends are some sexy bitches, but I can assure you there are no hidden feelings there.

What do you think about my experiment? Is it stupid? Interesting?


P.S The title is just an insider with my friends.


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