Those moments that make you CRINGE! -Rodolfo C.

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So I was driving near an ex-co-worker’s house and so happened to see people unloading things from a parked car. Being the nice person that I am, I thought would  make a quick pause and roll down my window and wave to the lady who I thought I knew.   The kind lady and a young girl waved back right away. Turns out it wasn’t her and I had no clue who those people were. As I caught myself, I rolled up my window and pressed on the accelerator, but the act was already done.

There are certain instances in which a person experiences times in which you catch yourself doing something weird, wrong, or just plain embarrassing. You wish that you could just take that moment back and completely eliminate it out of your memory.

Some of my cringe-worthy instances include various times in which it seems that someone is waving or saying something to you from afar, you go ahead and wave back and/or actually respond but then turns out they were talking to someone else behind you.

Others include:

  • When someone greets you by name, but you don’t know theirs.
  • When you run into a person you know a rumor/secret about.
  • You’re demonstrating something but obviously make a huge mistake.
  • You take a bite of something gross someone cooked but don’t want to be rude and spit it out.
  • Someone catches you trying to ignore them. (in public)
  • When you miss a catch or trip and fail to get up discreetly.
  • When someone catches you staring.
  • When a friend retells a embarrassing story about you. (to others)

As much as I try to forget certain things, it all comes back as a bad aftertaste. All I do now is bang my head.

Is this only me, or any of you guys feel the same way?Image


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