Review Wednesday: Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters

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Okay so on Review Wednesday, I review something in media, society, or pop culture.

Today I will be reviewing the new Percy Jackson movie! Glittr and I went to see it the night it came out. My overall review was it was good. Personally I enjoyed watching it. Now being a fan of the books, there are things I liked and disliked about the movie.

So I did like the obvious things, like casting was great, its PJ, the graphics were phenomenal, and I believe the directing of this movie was much better than the first one. Now some of the things they changed that I liked, that they changed Thalias age when she was brought back to life. Then one of my favorite parts was when they got eaten up by that giant monster and they found Clarisse. I really liked that part, it was creative, funny, and all kinds of actiony! Another thing I enjoyed was Tyson. The actor who portrayed him did a great job. He was funny, sweet, and stupid sometimes. The last thing I really enjoyed was the pace of the movie. It never really slowed down, but it gave you time to breathe and recover.

Now for dislikes. I do have to say there was quite a bit. First off was Annabeth. Through The entire movie she was so helpless. Always getting tossed to the side, always the damsel in distress. In the book she was the uncrowned leader of the group. She came up with the plans most of the time, was a badass bitch, and knew how to use that dagger. Now she’s just kind of…meh. Then we have Tyson, I loved him, but he was much too intelligent. I was really looking forward to seeing his stupidity. Then we have Kronos. I’m having a hard time contemplating that whole scene. Percy and Tyson could have reconnected after they got the fucking fleece and not when they are trying to save the world. I feel that part was poorly written, and way too long. If they wanted to bring Kronos in, they should have made the scene much shorter. Another thing, the whole series is pretty much about Percy trying to keep Kronos from being resurrected. Where are they going to go now that Luke won’t be apart of Kronos’ plans?

My advice to the studios is, to honestly start over. Cast the cast at the age their supposed to be. They did it with Harry Potter, they can do it with Percy Jackson. Get the fan base excited again! I’ll watch no matter what, because I’m a fangirl! Re-write, re-cast, and find a director that will do justice to the books!

-Jay c:

P.S. What did you think of the movie? I completely enjoyed it as a movie, but I’m a bit disappointed I’ll be about 30 when they finish the series.


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