Moody Monday: Dumbasses -Glittr

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So has anyone seen this picture before? It is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in a while. Is anyone really this ignorant?

“Why do we need school?” is that a legit question? Because we have idiots like this around.

“Music: we have YouTube for that” ok who the fuck even takes a music class after like 4th grade? The person who wrote this was obviously trying to come up with shit to say.

“sport: there’s a Wii.” First off, not everyone can afford an effing Wii. Second, people who work out on their own aren’t the ones who need the exercise.

“Spanish: there’s Dora” Dora teaches you one word a episode. Try putting on you resume. “Billengual…I watch Dora”.

Math: that’s what calculators are for”. Calculators allow you to do basic equations. That’s all. Although I don’t think calculus should be required for all high school students, there is way more to math than just that. Word problems for example are valuable in everyday society.

“Geography: I’ll buy a globe” The essence of geography isn’t soley knowing where everything is. Alot of it is knowing about places and how they impact us.

“history: everyones dead anyway”. That is so irrelevant. History is about understand why things are how they are and insuring we don’t repeat past mistakes.

Ok im done ranting now.


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