Silly Saturday: Uncensored -Glittr

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Biting, kissing, licking, sucking,
Alls that matters is we’re fucking.

Missionary, doggy, cowgirl, 69,
We don’t even have to dine

I want to do it in the shower
I want to give you all the power.

I want to fuck you hear or there,
I want to fuck you anywhere.

Hurry up and bring the pain,
This couch is gonna have a stain.

I want it fast and want it rough,
Im never gonna have enough.

Pour on some chocolate or whip cream,
I’ll let you live out ANY dream.

From the front or from the back,
You’re gonna like me in the sack.

Scratches will be on your body,
I never knew you were so naughty.

Soon enough you will find fame,
Even the neighbors will know ur name.

Sitting down or standing up,
Just please, no two girls one cup.

Hope you enjoyed


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