Sexy Saturday: Condoms

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So in case you weren’t sure what exactly im going to start doing on Sexy Saturdays, I’m going to explain it quickly. I decided to start to write about sex from the virgins point of view. This is the new Sexy Saturday post.

Okay so me and my friends had an interesting conversation about condoms. As you may know, A and HelloA recently had a pregnancy scare. My whole logic behind the situation is, WEAR A FUCKING CONDOM! Apparently, its much more difficult than what we virgins may think. I guess it takes too much time to put one on? I don’t know. It confuses me as to why it takes so much time? Just take 30 seconds to put one on and go to business. I personally wouldn’t take the chance, mainly because I never want to have children, but because of the risk of not only pregnancy, but STDs (this goes for everyone that has unprotected sex) I’m not bashing my friends for not wearing condoms even though personally I don’t get it, but I see their points. I’m trying to understand the logic behind the risk? Why take the chance for 30 minutes of pleasure, but possibly suffer a lifetime of struggle? I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts behind this. I truly want to know.

-Jay c:

P.S. Condoms are good. Wear them.


4 thoughts on “Sexy Saturday: Condoms

    The Unfortunate Virgin said:
    08/27/2013 at 3:06 AM

    30 minutes? Aren’t we the optimists…

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