Helpful Thursday: I Graduated High School…Now What?? -Glittr

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You just spent 12-14 years give or take in school. You know what you’re “supposed” to do…go to a respectable college. Well as ideal as that sounds its not your only option. Maybe you just need a break from schooling, or  college simply isn’t for you, maybe you don’t have the money to attend or what you want to do in life doesn’t require college. Don’t feel like the traditional route is your only option. Don’t let your parents pressure you into going, you do have options.

Opt for the Community College Route Face it, college can be expensive. Community college is a much cheaper route. It can also be a good alternative if you have kids or not sure what you want to major in. You can even decide to only take a class or two instead of four or five classes so you can maintain a full time job if you need to.

Go to a trade school or jump straight into the work force Sometimes college simply isn’t the practical choice and you have to accept that. You can still be just as successful potentially jumping into a career instead.

Take a Year off Go ahead, you earned it college will still be an option when you’re good and ready. Travel, get an internship, be a lazy bum, figure out what you want in life,  go wild.

Come into a ton of cash. Go win a game show, marry rich, wait for you’re wealthy Aunt Helga to die, win the lottery…fuck school, fuck a job, just be rich and never have to worry about school ever again.

If you were wondering i’m at a university majoring in journalism, but that doesn’t mean you have to.




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