Rant About It Tuesday: City Of Bones Trailers

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Okay so in honor of all the disappointed fan girls out there, here’s what’s wrong with the trailers to City Of Bones that comes out later this month. I have been disappointed already with A) Casting, B) Details, and C) Accents? I’ve analyzed everything that was wrong with it and im here to share it with you.

Okay so lets talk about casting before anything else. Really? I’m sure I can get past Jamie as Jace, but I’m not sure if I can get passed Lily Collins as Clary. She’s very unattractive to me, and her acting isn’t all that. I never like any of the movies she’s in which will seriously be a huge downfall for me. Then there’s Alec. He isn’t what I pictured. I guess he’s the one I’ll have to see in the role, but he looks too old to me. I feel they did a great job casting Simon, Isabelle, and Magnus.

Okay now details. The first thing I noticed was CLARYS HAIR! It looks like its fucking an at home dye job! She’s supposed to be a natural red head! What the fuck! Another thing is Jaces eyes, they are supposed to be gold. This detail is confusing because in the movie poster they have them gold, in the trailer they switch from blue and green. Is that just me, or did you notice this too? Also, in the recently released trailer, Jace kills the demon in Clarys apartment, when in the book, Clary was supposed to kill it. Another thing, the runes are very thick and ugly. I imagined them to be beautiful lines swirling all over their bodies, not big thick symbols that look drawn on with a sharpie. Then the sephra blades. They look pretty awesome, but I’m not the only one who imagined them more as daggers than swords. They seem way too long to realistically fight with. Okay and the last thing I want to talk about is their accents. Last I checked, they were New Yorkers. I understand their bloodlines are from London, but unless I missed a detail in the book, they are supposed to be from NY. It could just be me personally making them that way, but if they were from London, why wouldn’t they be at the London institute?

I guess we just have to watch and see as they slowly ruin our fandoms.

-Jay c:

P.S. What do you think of the City of Bones trailers? Haven’t seen them? Check them out.
Trailer #1: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4UHdZMEUOQ8
Trailer #2: http://m.youtube.com/?reload=7&rdm=tysxg2es#/watch?v=GHlwRsl2uFk
International trailer: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RbA0ufF5A8E


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