Moody Monday: Xbox One -Glittr

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Im not much of a Xbox fan, more of a Playstation person myself, but as any gamer knows, the Playstation 4 and Xbox were recently announce. Although the Playstation does show promise, the Xbox One is less than satisfactory. Why?

The name is terrible The name is gay. That’s a good start on why it’s so terrible.

Xbox One is not backwards compatable That basically means you know all those games for Xbox and Xbox 360 you bought? Well sorry, but Xbox One won’t play those. You’d think considering its 2013 they’d have implemented that by now.

Used games have a mandatory fee You know how you like to have your friends borrow your games. Well now they have to pay a fee to install it. Fuck that shit. You know how you like to go to Gamestop to by used games because they’re more affordable? Not much longer.

Its ugly as hell you know how you generally want the systems to get smaller as they evolve. Well this one is bigger. And kinda ugly too.

Netflix doe It cost money for pass to watch Netflix.

Check out this dude, it’s a funny ass rant about Xbox One:

So what do you hate most? Comment your complaints




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